Show HN: – fwd emails to unsubscribe from marketing


Forward marketing emails to
[email protected]

And we will take care of the rest.
Here is an example.


distinct users today: 25

requests receieved today: 42

Pricing model

Note: After some input, I have decided to change billing to a credit-based
system. Each unsubscribe uses 1 Credit. Over time, you should need
this service less and less 🙂

Fresh accounts start with 5 Credits.

Credits are initially locked to the source email address.

For example, if your email
is [email protected], then your credits will only work with that
email address. To change your source email address (or add a member), please message:
[email protected].

For example, you can add multiple members of your family or friends to
share a single credit pool.

Package Price
10 Credits $5
25 Credits $10
100 Credits $20

A monthly plain-text report will be delivered via email. In the future,
we might add a setting to enable weekly reports — but hey, we’re trying to
unclog your inbox, right?

Sign up

There is no sign-up form! Just forward any marketing email to
[email protected].

Then, we will create an account for you on our backend.

No need to worry about billing until you expend your initial credits.
Once that happens, we will send you a form to enroll in a plan via Stripe
or Paypal.

Once your account’s credits have been depleted, your emails will still
be queued for processing — but they won’t be processed until you
top-off your account again.


Emails are processed in a FIFO (First-in, First-out) queue. Typically,
they are completed within 24 hours.

Currently, there is no automation. Oftentimes, these marketing emails
contain hard-to-find, low-opacity links. But it’s nothing that a real
human can’t tackle.

At this time, the only processor is my high-school sister. I pay her

In the future, automation might be worth it. But for right now, hiring
a real human is a pretty good deal for the task.


*We will never sell data.*

The emails we are targeting are marketing emails sent en masse.
9/10 times these emails don’t disclose anything other than your
email address. Sometimes, they mention your first name
for a bit of a “personal touch” .

After processing, your emails will be placed in Gsuite’s trash, which
will be purged in 30 days.

We aggregate anonymized statistics in the

If you would like to be removed from these aggregates, please email
[email protected]
with the subject “opt-out”.


  • User dashboard via unique one-time link.
  • API for users to fetch their data.

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